Traineeship or graduation assignment

Traineeship or graduation assignment

Are you a bachelor's degree, master's degree or PhD degree student looking for an interesting traineeship or graduation assignment? A project in which you can really make the difference? Then DORC is the place for you! At DORC, we develop and manufacture ophthalmic solutions, so that people from all over the world can see again. So you want to gain experience with an international company in medical aids and really make the difference? This is your opportunity!

Plenty of opportunities during your traineeship or graduation assignment

At DORC, trainees and graduates are more than welcome. While you are working on your assignment, we will give you every opportunity to gain experience and acquire knowledge. You work independently and assist us with our projects or research challenging subjects in which our experienced professionals will assist you. 

You add value to our company

At DORC, you can join in numerous assignments and we recognize your added value. We think that everybody can be an important player for our daily innovation. So, do you have ideas or suggestions as to how things can be improved? Please let us know, and challenge us to become even better. That way, we can make the difference within our company. 

Competitive remuneration

In brief: there is plenty of room for individual and professional growth while you are working on your assignment. And of course, your efforts will be rewarded with a competitive remuneration. And... it can be you who makes a jump start with a career at DORC! 

Departments in which you can do an internship or a graduation assignment

At DORC, you can do an internship or graduate projects in amongst others the following departments:

  • R&D/Engineering
  • Finance
  • IT
  • HR
  • Customer Service
  • Operations/Manufacturing
Does DORC make you happy?

Do you see working as working together? Finding ophthalmic solutions with a ‘hands-on approach and keeping your feet firmly on the ground’ mentality that enhance lives, together with others? Do you want to work for an organization that offers you both freedom and responsibility? An organization that stimulates you to come up with fresh ideas? An organization with innovation, quality and technical know-how in its DNA? Then, DORC is the place for you! 
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Do you want to do your internship or your graduation assignment with us?

Send us your CV and motivation via the ‘Apply now’ button.

In your motivation, please tell us: 

  • What kind of internship or graduation assignment you are looking for
  • The department you are interested in
  • The exact dates and hours when you want to work, as well as the period.