Core values

DORC's core values

At DORC, we work hard together to enable patients to see again. Everything is about people. About you, your team and all your colleagues. About our suppliers. And about surgeons and operating theatre teams using our products, with whom we are in close contact to be able to further innovate and improve. Only together can we achieve our goals and ideals. Refer to DORC’s core values for the things we value as a company and as human beings.

DORC's core values

Customer focus

We listen to our customers and always bear them in mind. We think it is important to react pro-actively in the interest of the operating theatre teams. Our customer-focused culture allows us to react very quickly and to solve problems efficiently. Our aim: maximizing customer satisfaction and always meeting expectations.


At DORC, it is all about people. We rely on and trust each other. Respect each other. Share experiences and love giving feedback. We always encourage cooperation between own supporting departments and the sales team. This way, we stimulate customer-satisfaction and meet our common goal: helping patients to see again. Our unique, positive working environment is the result of the efforts of us all at DORC. We value and promote empathy, honesty and trust and we meet challenges head on together. 


Our innovation process is aimed at maximum control for the surgeon and the operating theatre team during all stages of the ophthalmic procedure, in order to increase the success rate of operations, resulting in an ever-increasing number of patients who can see again. Our approach in this is ‘problem - challenge - solution’ oriented. After the identification of an unmet need, we look for the related challenges and eventually create an innovative, cost-effective solution. Our trusted partners - leading surgeons and operating theatre teams from all over the world - support us with valuable feedback. 


We take responsibility for our decisions and actions. DORC is appreciated for doing what we promise. We use all our energy and commitment to remain the reliable, responsible and consistent supplier of ophthalmologic products. Everyone within our company is responsible and we all accept this. Ultimately, everything starts with ourselves!


We are not afraid to face reality and its challenges. We have a clearly communicated action plan for each challenge, as well as a solution-oriented approach. Clarity and an action plan: that’s our way to success.


DORC complies with all relevant laws and regulations in the field of healthcare, industrial standards and internal company policies. Our commitment to comply with the rules is key. This way, we maximize the safety of the patient and improve the surgical results. Compliance is one of the cornerstones of our company strategy - we will never cross the line.